Ewe Ewe Net? Nice Hat Dude

Today, I replaced a furnace and ran a chimney liner by myself, I hate running chimney liners by myself, there’s just too much up and down the ladder involved. Things have really slowed down around the office, it’s that time of year. I was off work before five again today. And as an added bonus, that just works against me getting a pay raise to what I should be making. Still no word on that damn raise. My suspicion is that there’ll be a small raise on my paycheck tomorrow that will do little but make me mad, but I’m still trying to get an answer from him and an opportunity to state my case.

So I forgot to mention that I’ve officially retired the orange UUNet hat that I’ve been wearing for the last year and a half. I told myself that I would wear it to school and work daily as a reminder of where I’d come from and why I didn’t want to go back. Now that I’m done with school and officially working full time in the field of my choosing the time has come to retire the hat. It has served it’s purpose dutifully and without complaint, though I will admit that the last year hasn’t been kind to it. It’s definitely showing the abuses that have been heaped upon it by crawlspaces, rain, snow, and furnace soot. So we say good bye to an era and the hat is gone.

I’m planning on going to Tasha’s for spaghetti dinner tomorrow (assuming the snow storm doesn’t screw that up). It’s weird, am I dating my ex-wife, obviously I am. But what does that mean? I know that I’m not sure at this point and I certainly couldn’t explain it to anyone who might ask, other than to say, it is what it is and I don’t know what it’ll become. I mean, hell, I dated my first ex-wife for 8-months or better and that just kinda petered out. This might do the same or it might not make it to 3-months. Right now I’m having fun and that’s all I’m looking for, someone to have fun with. Besides, it doesn’t pay to look too deeply into all those lingering feelings, we’ve only been divorced a little over a year. So until you hear otherwise, it is what it is, whatever that might be.

Hot damn, I’ve got a hankerin’ to play some Rock Band. But I’m on-call this weekend so there’ll be none of that. Bummer.

I’m out. Later.