I Sense the Winds of Change a Comin'

Happy Birthday to Karin, the young lady is the ripe old age of 20 years old today. Damn, kids are getting so old… at least I’m staying young. Ha.
Yesterday, I finished listening to J.R. Ward’s Covet. It’s the first book in her fallen angels series, but I’ve got to say, there was quite a dearth of fallen angels. It wasn’t really what I was looking for, but then none of the angel stories ever are. I was happy that there wasn’t a lot of religion in the story. Which makes me happy. It was good, but not what I expected and I’m not sure I’m sold on the whole premise of the series. I’ll finish Malach at some point and then all will be right with angel fiction in the world. Or at least I’ll think so.
Today, I listened to A Werewolf’s Guide To Life: A Guide To The Newly Bitten by Bob Powers and Ritch Duncan. It’s written as a user’s guide to lycanthrope and I thought it was pretty well done. I expected something a bit more tongue-in-cheek, but it wasn’t at all, it took it’s subject seriously and I think it was better for it. I didn’t get much out of it that changed my ideas of what a werewolf is and isn’t, but it did give me a couple of ideas that may find their way into my writing.
I’m looking at WordPress themes and toying with moving the blog out of the /log directory and right into the main domain page… I’ll keep you updated on any changes. Later.