Do I Even Know What I'm Doing?

unacceptable. every single one, unacceptable

Last night was an exercise in frustration. I am simply not getting this oxyacetylene welding. The instructor says it’s my angle, but I’ve changed that and I still cannot keep my flame from eating the metal. Even when I get my puddle to flow with the torch, I still end up with a ledge in my piece that shouldn’t be there. I can’t get my welds to be consistent and what I am doing is just plain ugly. I made 10 welds, then the instructor demonstrated one for me, and then I made three more that were only marginally better than the first ten. To make matters worse, last week I felt tired and off my game. This week I felt sharp and ready… my welds were worse this week, though I did get more of them done.

I could be fine with all of that. I have no intention of becoming a welder. I just thought welding might be a good skill to have. It could be useful and open up some new DIY projects. But the instructor said we need to get 2-3 welds done per lab in order to get them all done by the end of the semester. I managed to get one weld done in each of the first two classes and have been stuck on this third weld for two classes now. I feel like I’m putting myself in a hole,and I don’t like that feeling.

Can we move on to MIG welding? Maybe I’ll be better at that. How about brazing? I know how to braze.