Saturday in the Apartment

I think I’ve got everything working on the homepage blog, so might just as well start using it. That’s where all the new stuff will be going, after this post that is. I removed the redirect from the index, so now if you type you’ll end up at the new blog page. Change your bookmarks as is appropriate. I have mixed feelings about putting it there, but mostly that’s a residue of the before-times when I had an actual web page with content and what not… now it’s pretty much just a blog. So there is no real reason to keep that spot reserved. The WordPress theme on the new page is Clementine1, it’s got a very industrial feel to it which reminds me of Black & Decker tools, so I guess it’s apropos given what I do.
Tasha headed out to the east side of the state to visit Karin for her birthday. I was going to go with her, but then we have the fiasco that is traveling with the dog. Where does the dog stay? Where do we stay? How much time to we have to set aside for dropping the dog off and picking the dog up? And then there’s the problem of each of us wanting to do different things and only one car. So despite what I told my boys about coming out there, I’m staying home with the animals. Maybe I’ll go out next weekend, and definitely the weekend following, I’ve  gotta teach the boy how to drive a stick and give him some practice time. Doesn’t that sound like fun… nerve wracking, parental fun.
I was going to get up and do some calastetics, eat some breakfast, and then start writing. That didn’t happen. Instead,  I got up made coffee, played some Xbox and got caught up in creating custom paint schemes in Forza Motorsports III, then started fiddling around on the internet and playing with my webpage (tweaking WP Themes can be an all day thing), before I knew it the dog was asking to be let out and it was 5:00 PM. So we went for a walk, had some dinner, and here I am now putting up a blog post. Not exactly the day I had planned, but not a bad day by any stretch. Just not as productive as I’d imagined.
I finished listening to The Glass Key by Dashiell Hammett today, I didn’t enjoy it as much as The Maltese Falcon. It jumped around too much, at a couple different points I had to check my files to make sure nothing was screwy, but everything was okay and I just had to listen twice to get the gist. I’m not sure but I had a real problem differentiating the hero in this book, Ned Beaumont, from the Falcon’s, Sam Spade. Maybe it was the narrator, but they seemed pretty interchangeable (distractingly so) to me. But that noir was still there and it was a nice change from the paranormal and fantasy stuff I’ve been listening to of late.
Now the dog wants to go out again… Probably wants to get rid of that pepper. Ha ha. Later.