Less of a Last Minute Scramble

When was the last time Christmas Eve was on a day I didn’t work? Google says, 2011 was the last Saturday Christmas Eve. Which may be true, but it feels like it never happens. Christmas Eve is usually when I make my last minute scramble to buy that last minute gift. After work. Not this year.

This year I’m going to do my last minute scrabble at 10:00 am, like a reasonable human being.

The tree is up and it’s surrounded by presents. Some degree of food prep has been done… not my area, but it looks like something was done. Everything is ready for go time this afternoon. I’ve even done laundry, so I have something to wear that isn’t work related, and I put up this festive blog post. I’m in pretty good shape this year.

So good luck with your last minute shopping and prepping. I hope that it is a little less of a scramble for you this year. Have a safe and happy Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas.

yes, i am up at 7:30 am on a saturday