Planning Ahead

The sign up date for Spring/Summer classes is almost here. The wife can sign up on the 7th, but I don’t have as many credits as her so I have to wait until the 9th. But I’ve already figured out what I’m going to take.

They are only offering two HVA program classes, and I don’t have the prerequisites for one of them, which makes for an easy choice. I’ll be taking HVAC Blueprint Reading & Design from May through June. That’s three credits, so I need something else, I’m going to go for American Government. It’s a required class for every degree, which makes it a reasonable choice. That’ll be from The end of July until early August. That feels like a lite load, but I probably need to go lite this summer in order to get some other projects done.

I asked my Refrigeration instructor about the Heating and Air Conditioning class schedules and learned that they are both offered next fall at night. Two days a week and set up as 7 week classes one after the other, much like my Refrigeration 110 and 111. Which is great, because I need to get those off my list to meet the prerequisite for a lot of other classes. So the coming Fall will be a productive one for me.

irrelevant picture of filters

In other news, I knew that I needed brake pads on my new car, but they didn’t have them in-stock when we were doing the brake lines. Well, now the brakes are grinding. It is really quite an unpleasant sound. I guess I need to find time to do the pads this weekend. I forgot about all the joys of having an old car.