Another Boring Post About Nothin'

Well, last night I left work a little early (4ish), just wasn’t anything to do there, it’s that time of year. I took a chance and went out to Shelby Twp. to have some pizza with Tasha and I made it through the evening without any calls coming in. Until 2:00am that is. And then again at 4:00am. I didn’t leave for either of those. I don’t know what people are thinking, wait, yes I do… they’re cold. Anyway, I dealt with both of those calls this morning. If you go without heat until 4am, you can wait until 8:00am for me to come and fix it.

The pager has gone off sporadically today and it’s been about a 50/50 split between those who just want to talk to someone and those that actually want me to come out. I’ve got one lined up for tomorrow, but that’s just addressing a complaint on an install so it’ll be easy. I’m hoping for an easy night, because for some reason I’m always beat after an evening with Tasha. Go figure.

Today I went and picked myself up a new 4-piece DeWALT kit (circular saw, hammer drill, reciprocating saw, flash light; all 18-volt cordless and in a hard case). It wasn’t cheap, but I needed a new drill and it was on sale, besides, who doesn’t like tools.

My study guides and Mechanical Code book were delivered to the house on Friday. It’s time to get back to the studying. First NATE and then a month or two later my Mechanical Contractors license. I’m feeling good about all this. Things are going according to plan and I’m staying motivated and positive.

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead an hour tonight, Daylight Savings and all that jazz. We’ll be getting more sunlight, but where the hell is the spring weather? That’s what I’m waiting for. Give me a 70 degree day, an open road up to Petoskey, and the rumble of my Triumph….

I’m going to go back to minding the pager. Take it easy. Take it slow. I’m out. Later.