The call came in this afternoon a little after 1:00, Jones Lang LaSalle wants me to be a part of their team. I accepted the invitation to handle their Grand Rapids territory. Sure it means moving to Grand Rapids, MI (some 3-hours away), but it also means I’ll be getting a $10/hour raise, a brand spanking new truck full of brand spanking new tools, health benefits, 401k, educational reimbursements, and most importantly the possibility of advancement. Sounds like this is the real deal. The kind of job I’ve been looking for.

Sure, I have some reservations about moving to a city that I’ve never actually been to before, but I’ve heard it’s nice. Besides… I’ve got three whole weekends to find a place and move. I start on the 21st of April. Well, two weekends, since I’m on-call this weekend and won’t exactly be in a position to zip out to Grand Rapids and look for housing.

I’d like to be able to give Nichols my full 2-weeks notice, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to, what with finding a place to live and moving and all that jazz. I don’t like the way I’ve been handled there, but I know that it’s mostly my own doing. Or at least, I set things in place to make it easy for me to be under paid and difficult for me to get to the salary I should be at. No hard feelings on my part, I needed to get back into the field and Nichols gave me the opportunity to do that while I was going to school. I’ve known for awhile now that this wasn’t the place where I was going to stay, but I’m thankful for the chance to work when I needed it. So I think I’ll give them next week and have Friday be my last day. That should give me enough time to get things in order… I hope.

This weekend is the home show in Troy and I did an on-call swap for another guy who’s going on vacation. So I’ve managed to salvage one weekend. Otherwise I’d be working the show this weekend and on-call next weekend… you know, if I stayed that long. This way I feel like I’m doing one last good deed before I depart.

I’ll miss my friends, but I’m already nearly an hour away from them now, so it’s not like this’ll make that much of a difference. It’ll still be an all-day thing to see them. And then there’s the whole thing with Tasha and doing the long distance relationship thing. How will that work? I don’t know, having never done it. But then again lay-off rumors are flying around her job and things are looking grim for her position. Will she look for work in Grand Rapids? Would she move out there with me? These are things that we haven’t really sat down and discussed. Sure we’ve talked about the possibilities, but we haven’t really talked about them in detail. She says that the only way she’d move out there with me is if we get married, and I’ve got to tell you, there is a certain appeal to that possibility. Hmmm…

Well, that’s it for now. Just wanted to share the big news. Later.

Wait. Here’s a bit about who I’ll be working for:

Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE: JLL), the only real estate money management and services firm named to FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” and Forbes magazine’s “400 Best Big Companies,” has approximately 160 offices worldwide and operates in more than 450 cities in over 50 countries. With 2006 revenue of more than $2.0 billion, the company provides comprehensive integrated real estate and investment management expertise on a local, regional and global level to owner, occupier and investor clients. Jones Lang LaSalle is an industry leader in property and corporate facility management services, with a portfolio of approximately 1.3 billion square feet worldwide. In 2006, the firm completed capital markets sales and acquisitions, debt financing, and equity placements on assets and portfolios valued at $70.9 billion. LaSalle Investment Management, the company’s investment management business, is one of the world’s largest and most diverse real estate money management firms, with approximately $46.9 billion of assets under management. For further information, please visit our Web site,

Now I’ll say it. Later.