Paperwork and Packing

First thing this morning FedEx rang the buzzer with my new employee package. Basically a folder full of forms for me to sign and return and a drug test form for the lab to fill out. So I sat down to fill out all that good stuff.

Okay, one aspect of this makes me nervous. The credit check. My credit is some kind of torn up right now. Why? Something like this layoff, repossession, separation, layoff, foreclosure, divorce, uninsured extended hospital visit, low-paying job, and school reducing my hours. Things are getting better now, but all that medical stuff is in collections. I sure hope that none of this keeps me from getting this job. Because I’m on the cusp of something very good and very positive here.

Then I got a couple of calls. No heat on a 60-degree day seems silly to those of us who don’t have that problem. One call was a bad circuit board, that happens when the dog chews through the water hose on the washing machine and water pours down on the furnace. I didn’t have the part, so they’ll have to wait until Monday for heat. The second call was for a disconnected phone number; I’m not going to drive out there to quote the price for a service call. They never called back, so they must have gotten someone else. That was about 2-hours out of my day. Nothing else so far, but I’ve got the pager until Tuesday morning so stay tuned.

I did some online searching for housing in and around Grand Rapids but really I’m just putting a list of places to visit out there next weekend.

I started packing and it makes me realize what a good job of parring my stuff down I did when I moved out of the house. I don’t own much stuff. Should be a very easy move. If I didn’t have a bed and a desk I could probably just do it in two trips with the car. But I do have those things, so I’ll have to rent a cargo van. Ah well, such is life.

Tasha is with a friend tonight, that’s why I’m here writing this. Aren’t you lucky. Yes, you are. I went to dinner with my sister earlier, really, I don’t think that’s news worthy. I think I’ve run out of things to say. Later.