School Catch-up

I was talking with my mother and she mentioned that I haven’t been keeping up with my school updates. So, I’m going to get you back up to speed. Over the spring/summer I took 8-credits or three classes; HVAC Blueprint Reading/Design, Mechanical Codes, and American Government (which I took with Lady Ronn). I did well and managed to get an A in each of those three classes.
This fall I took 7-credits or three classes, still four nights a week (mostly). This semester has been a little weird, in that my Heating Theory class ended on 10/12 and was immediately followed by Air Conditioning. Same nights, same times; it runs through 12/12. But my Controls class ended on 11/8 and was followed by nothing. So right now, I’ve finished two classes and gotten two grades for the Fall semester. So things are looking like this…

  • HVA 128 Heating and Cooling Controls (A)
  • HVA 135 Heating Theory (A-)
  • HVA 136 Air Conditioning Theory (nothing before 12/12)

I had to do some research to find out where I’m at with this whole school thing. It looks like, a full year in and then some, I’m sitting at 31 credits with a 3.817 GPA. Not too shabby for an old guy.
Next semester will be odd as well. I’m taking two classes or 6-credits, Duct Construction and HVACR Electrical Controls. Those classes don’t start or end at the same time. There will only be a three-week period where I have classes four nights a week. I’m expecting that to be a nice change.
So there you have it… I think you’re up to date now.