You've Got 4 Minutes. Go!

Yesterday I cleaned the dirtiest flame sensor I have ever seen. This thing had actual clumps of junk on it. I don’t know how it had been working up until this point, seems like it should have stopped working months ago. Crazy.

I’ve given my boss my 1-week notice, Friday the 11th will be my last day with Nichols. He teared up a little, but I gave him a big hug and told him everything would be alright. Okay, that part didn’t happen. Or did it? Hmmm… I’ll never tell. I also pushed for him to hire my schoolmate, Dave, and he said he’d give him an interview. So let’s all cross our fingers and hope that Dave gets the job. Go Dave!

Monday I went and peed in a cup for my drug test. Did you know that they have a time limit for that? I didn’t. Apparently if you can’t pee within 4-minutes, you have to come out of the bathroom and let them inspect the room and give you a glass of water. How did I find this out? Let’s just say that I was interrupted while I was working up to the task at hand. It was a little weird. But I got the job done on the second go round. Without interruption, I might add.

I also faxed back all the paperwork that they sent me and when I called the recruiter today to see if everything was in order, she said it was. Good news. I’ve also finished reading the new hire manual and things look even better than they did before. Benefits will start on the first day of the month following my hire date, so that means only 10-days before my benefits kick in. Vacation accrues at 1.5 days a month, that’s 18-days a year… Sweet. Plus, since it’s a bank contract, I’ll get all the bank holidays off as well. And best of all, after one year of service I’ll be eligible for $5,000 a year in educational reimbursement. This is going to be so cool.

I’ve been looking at apartments and rental homes in the Grand Rapids area online and I’m going to head out there this coming weekend to check out some places. I’m thinking that the best way to handle it is to get a short-term lease until I get to know the area a little better. No sense in rushing into someplace that I may not really want to be in. See, I think this stuff out.

I’m off to have dinner at Tasha’s and discuss further this big move and how we’ll handle this long distance relationship; oh, and we’ll probably kill some monsters in Balder’s Gate after we walk the dog. That’s just how we roll. Later.