Well, I’ve gone and made myself unemployed. Today was my last day at Nichols. No cake. No party. No thanks for your service. Just my last day. Keys, shirts, and phone are all turned in. My tools are out of the van. And my last paycheck will arrive in the bank on Wednesday. It would feel good except for one little thing…

So I mentioned my background check showed a driver license suspension, right? Anyway, I got a ticket for something, I don’t remember what, and forgot to pay it. So they suspended my license until the ticket was paid. So we’re talking 07/2001 until 09/2001 when they pulled me over for something and the whole thing got straightend out. Like I said, forgot to pay a ticket. Didn’t know my license was revoked. Kindly officer took me to the station and we got it all straightened out. 2001. Apparantly this is causing some angst for the folks who want me to come work for them. And now it’s causing me angst.

I called the recruiter today to make sure everything was copasetic, what with the quiting my job, the apartment search, the moving and all that. Voice mail. The recruiter calls me back and leaves me a voice mail saying that there’s an issue with my driving record and that the hiring/background people will get in touch with me. So I call them and say, what’s the dilly? They tell me that unless I have anything to contest on the report they can’t help me, because all they do is generate the report. Well, the report is fine. So now I’m in the dark until Monday. Nice. Then I get a call from Steve, the guy who told me about the job. He says that the driving record is what tangled up the Lansing guy. He now works as maintenance in a single building. I just want to know what’s going on.

Ah well, I’m still going to go to Grand Rapids. The power of positive thinking and all that. Later.