All Systems Are Go For Lift-Off

We went and found me an apartment last weekend, despite rainy weather and gloomy news from the prospective employer. It’s a two bedroom apartment, about 900 sq. ft., with a fireplace, washer and dryer hook-up, and sits about 25-feet from a nice little lake. I think I’ll like it. The rent isn’t bad either. Should be a nice place to call home.

Monday I made some calls and got the drivers license thing straightened out, the recruiter was of the impression that I have been and was still driving on a suspended license. Crazy. Anyway, that’s straightened out. My start date is going to be the 21st, I just don’t know exactly where I’ll be starting… my guess is down at the same warehouse I had my interview at. Gotta pick up my truck, tools, uniforms, etc… and get the whole orientation thing taken care of.

I also had lunch with my boys and told them I was moving. They weren’t terribly surprised. Their mother had apparently told them to expect that I was going to tell them I was moving to Florida or Arizona or someplace equally distant. So that went well. Tyler is looking good, he’s lost about 20-lbs. and Zachary claims to have gotten a hair cut… I don’t see it.

And one other thing of note, I put insurance back on my motorcycle. We’re good to go for the summer. And it’s a good thing because it’s supposed to be beautiful over the next few days.

Today, I got the approval to rent from the apartment complex. I’m going to go sign the papers on Friday morning. I’ll do the rest of the moving in on Saturday, I think. Haven’t got that quite figured out.

All in all the reality of this move is finally crashing down on me. I’m feeling both overwhelmed and impatient to get it over with. So much change. So damn fast.

To add to my stress I was driving down M-59 today and out of the blue my windshield cracked; about 6″ up from the hood and easily 3′ long (horizontally). I of course don’t have glass on my insurance, damn it. Good thing it’s not in my field of vision. But damn it, I am so ready to get a new car.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll chat with you later.