I Guess I'm Just In One Of Those Moods

Tasha came out on Saturday morning and we hung-out ’til she left Sunday afternoon. We ate, we walked the dog, we fooled around, we watched the hockey game and we saw a movie at the theater. Ironman. Which was actually quite good. I’m impressed with the way Marvel has been handling their characters in the movies. I think Ironman was probably the second best of the bunch, right behind Spiderman.

We did more talking about her moving out here when her job goes away at Chrysler. There’s just a lot to it, what with her daughter, our history, all the baggage that comes along with being in a couple, and the lack of potential job prospects. Plus, the crazy woman thinks that she’d be a burden on me!? Whatever. I say, NOT. I think it’ll happen, but who knows, things have gone in directions I haven’t expected in the past.

In other news, I decided to send a MySpace friend request to Lance today. I’ve had him as one of my favorites for a while now, you know, so I can check up on him. But I’d avoided actually inviting him to be my friend while I still worked at Nichols because of the whole thing with Gelleen. I just didn’t want anybody to know about it, but now, well, who cares I don’t work there any more and she doesn’t talk to any of those folks… or does she!? I’m just joshin’ you, she doesn’t. At least as far as I know, which isn’t far cause she doesn’t talk to me either. So rest at peace at night, you’re in the clear, she’s all yours. And yes, I know you still read this. But it seems to me it’s not making things better for you.

What is it about me? With Heidi it was Rob keeping an eye on me. With Gelleen it’s Royce keeping tabs on my blog (btw, as best I can tell with the tools I have, your wife doesn’t come around anymore). And with Tasha first it was Barry and now it’s Tim freaking out about my presence in my wifes life. Am I really that interesting to these guys? I mean I’m glad to have the readers, I’d hate to think I was talking to myself. I guess in their defense, I check up on all them too. Perhaps it’s just the way of things. I hope that if nothing else I’m keeping it interesting for everybody.

I still haven’t gotten my bike out here yet, which is too bad because I just went to Muskegon again and found some roads I’d really like to cruise down. Another cold/rainy Sunday afternoon kept me from riding back with Tasha to get it. I’m thinking maybe I’ll take the bus to Pontiac next weekend so I can bring it back on Monday. Are you all looking forward to the long weekend? I am. Three days with my baby. I did find a Triumph dealer in Kalamazoo, though. That’s a plus.

I think that’s enough for tonight. I had a bunch of other stuff I was thinking about last night and today, but as usual, I’ve forgotten what it was. Later.