5th Anniversary

Five years back we tied the knot for the second time. Sure, we were a bit heavier, grayer, and more set in our patterns the second time around. But we are also wiser, more worldly, and have seen what it takes to make a relationship not just function, but blossom. 

Life doesn’t ever stop throwing things in your path, but one way or another we keep going. Together. Hand in hand. 

I’ve got no regrets. It’s been a great 5-years. Sure they’ve been full of changes, challenges, and creative negotiations, but nothing good is ever easy.

The next five will be even better (now that the kids are out of the house). The five after those will be better still. And on and on into the future.

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Happy Mother's Day

A day of celebration and of honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. Let’s celebrate with a movie celebrating my mom.

and here’s one to celebrate the mother of my children.

Both of those were compliments of the Google Photos Assistant. I only take responsibility for posting them. 😉 Love you both.
In celebration of mothers everywhere, but mine in particular

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