Games, Games, and More Games

In the event that you do not fully understand the magnitude of board games that were on display at last weekend’s Doug Con, I present you with this picture collage of what I was faced with when I arrived. We did not play all of these, but we did play some. I even had my first virtual reality experience playing a game where you disarm a bomb. Very cool. But until they can reduce the size and bulk of the headset, I don’t think VR is going to catch on.

so many board games

I came home from Doug Con with a haul of 4 banker’s boxes of my old RPG stuff. I knew that I had left stuff in the care of my good buddy, Doug, but I did not realize just how much stuff he had. Hell, some of this stuff I don’t even remember having. Where am I going to put all this? I’ll probably post more about this stuff as I sort through it. Some of it is kinda cool and nostalgia factor is high.

treasure trove of old rpg stuff

Mostly, Dungeons & Dragons 1st and 2nd edition stuff, but there is a mix of other stuff in there as well. Rifts, Star Wars, Shadowrun, and Champions. There’s a four book set of Marvel character references, a Stephen E Fabian art book, and some cardboard heroes and other Steve Jackson stuff. This will take some time to go through and time to find places for all this stuff. Later.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog inside a blog.
This is the part of the website that will be dedicated to tabletop role-playing games, pen and paper gaming, or whatever else you want to call it. Mostly it’s a Dungeons & Dragons thing. Old campaigns. New campaigns. Maps and notes and ideas. I think you get the idea. I just felt this part of my life should have it’s own section of the website, as opposed to being mixed in with all the other arohen stuff.
Let’s see what happens.

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