Closet Conversion

Today I decided to, just do it. I’ve been thinking and drawing sketches of a closet conversion I want to do. The closet in the office is pretty much good for nothing but hiding stuff that I don’t want out in the room, generally things that shouldn’t be in the office. Things like a camera tripod, a rock band guitar, jars of screws and cups of hardware from past projects, I think you’re getting the idea, things that shouldn’t even be in the office.
So, I’m going to take the door off the closet, gut it out, and turn it into a built in bookshelf. It’ll be six 12-inch shelves and a couple of drawers. It’s going to be awesome.
I picked up the plywood for the boxes tonight and started by gutting the closet. I took up the carpet, pulled out the old shelf, and removed the door. The closet is a fantastic shade of mint green that will really accentuate the before and after pictures.

Office Closet
Office Closet

This project should be a relatively quick one. First, because its pretty much all for me; I thought of it, I wanted it, I’m doing the work, it’s for my books. The second reason worries me, only because I’ve said this too many times before, it’s a relatively small/simple project…. three years later and I still haven’t finished the two pieces of furniture I built for the office.
In my defense, they won’t be staying. There is a new plan. Isn’t there always.
In other news, WordPress 4.5 came out today, so make sure you back up your site and update your files.