I Think It Counts

Did I get everything done. Well, sort of. I painted the shelves and put the office back together, to a degree. There’s only so much I can do until I finish the desk and the paint cures.
I trimmed out the bathroom and put the shelf along the back wall. I still need to do the endless list of finishing bits. Fill and paint the trim. Clean the shower. Hang the shower curtain. Touch up the wall paint. Hang the towel bars. It goes on and on and on… I’m going to say it’s mostly done. I think it counts …
20160822_21332120160822_213245This bathroom is too small to get any good pictures. You’ll have to stop by if you want to get a better look at it.
And while this picture looks nearly identical to the other, this is the painted shelving unit. Finished.20160822_213112
That’s as good as it gets. Tomorrow is our anniversary and we both need to get to GRCC to take care of some things before the semester starts on the 29th, so it’s unlikely that any more work will get done on this vacation.
I think I’m ready to head back to work and relax a bit 😉