Report Card Time

My grades have been finalized and my “report card” is in hand. Not too shabby for an old guy. I’d say I did pretty well.

CLS 100  Intro to Col: New Student Exp,  A
EN 100   College Writing,  A-
WE 189  Healthy Living,  A
Grade Point: 3.859

The four week break has begun and maybe, just maybe, I can get some posts up on the webpage and get some things done around the house. Both of which would be far easier without that pesky Christmas holiday taking up everybody’s time. We’ll just have to see how this all plays out.
The Winter 2017 semester starts on January 9th and I’m signed up for three classes.

EN 102  English Composition-2
HVA 110  Basic Refrigeration
MN 116  Basic Welding