She Said, Yes

I had a little sit down chat with Camden tonight. Just needed to make sure that he was good with my plan to marry his mom. The older two boys are both adults, so they don’t get a say; but he’s going to have to live with us and I thought he should get to speak his peace. He was kinda quiet about the whole thing, so I was a little unsure about his opinion.
But we went to dinner; I took Heidi and Cam to the Lion’s Den, and afterwards he followed me into the restroom and gave me his permission/blessing. I hate to think what might have happened if dinner was bad.
Once we got back to the apartment I got down on one knee and said some words and presented Heidi with this token of my love:
She said, yes. But you probably figured that out from the picture. I’m very happy. She seems very happy. Camden seems a little giddy, and I think that’s good.
Here’s to second chances and the power of love. Peace. Out!